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A cough provoked by proteinosis is usually unproductive. At the beginning of the disease, during a cough, scanty mucous sputum is separated, and later - purulent. With an exacerbation of the disease, the patient's temperature rises to subfebrile numbers, sweating, fatigue appear, and a decrease in body weight is observed. In rare cases, patients complain of Amoxicillin chest pain. Hemoptysis in this disease is extremely rare.

In the advanced stages of alveolar proteinosis, due to increasing hypoxemia, the patient develops cyanosis and a symptom characteristic of respiratory failure appears, such as a change in the shape of the phalanges of the fingers and nail plates (fingers in the form of drumsticks and nails in the form of watch glasses).

Auscultation in patients with alveolar proteinosis is determined by crepitus and weakened breathing. When tapping the chest, there is a shortening of the percussion sound. To identify alveolar proteinosis, a comprehensive diagnosis should be carried out:

To eliminate errors in the diagnosis, alveolar proteinosis is differentiated from the following diseases

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The tactics of treatment of alveolar proteinosis is determined by the clinical case. All patients with this disease are advised to stop smoking and exclude the impact of other harmful external factors (work in hazardous industries, unfavorable living conditions, etc.). With asymptomatic or mild course of this disease, therapy may not be prescribed.

With pronounced manifestations of the disease, the patient is prescribed therapeutic bronchoalveolar lavage to achieve a long-term remission. This procedure is performed under anesthesia and is accompanied by artificial ventilation of the lungs. To wash the bronchi and alveoli, a saline solution is used with the addition of Amoxicillin drugs: heparin, acetylcysteine, streptase, trypsin. Each lung is flushed with 15 portions of the treatment solution.

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After bronchoalveolar lavage, the patient's conditionit is facilitated, but this procedure cannot provide a complete cure for the disease and must be repeated after six months, a year and two years.


This procedure not only improves the patient's condition, but also contributes to positive changes in the x-ray picture of alveolar proteinosis. As practice has shown, the appointment of glucocorticosteroids and immunosuppressants in alveolar proteinosis is ineffective, since these drugs do not alleviate the patient's condition and contribute to secondary infection of the bronchi and lungs.


The appointment of antibiotics is advisable only if alveolar proteinosis is complicated by a secondary infection. Carrying out operations for lung transplantation in this disease is irrational, since a violation of pulmonary metabolism in the form of accumulation of protein-lipid substances will also occur in the transplanted organ.


The course of alveolar proteinosis is relatively favorable, since the disease usually progresses slowly, sometimes patients experience long-term remissions and spontaneous recovery. According to statistics, the five-year survival rate of Amoxicillin with this disease is at least 80%.

The prognosis of alveolar proteinosis can be aggravated by incorrect or untimely treatment and the addition of superinfection. The death of patients with a similar diagnosis is usually caused by the development of severe forms of respiratory failure or decompensated course of Amoxil pulmonale. Which doctor to contact.

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Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis is a rare disease of unknown origin, characterized usually by an initial fever followed over time by progressive dyspnoea associated with cough and sputum production, low-grade fever, chest pain, and weight loss. X-ray data are similar to the picture of pulmonary edema. Histologically, the alveoli contain a granular eosinophilic substance with a pronounced positive PAS reaction.

For 5 years, a lethal outcome was observed in almost 20-25% of the described cases, and recovery or significant improvement in about 20%. The disease often progresses over several months, and death occurs from respiratory failure, occasionally from cor pulmonale. Often there is a secondary infection. It seems possible to increase the recovery rate with the new lung lavage method.